Item    FA [ 1-4 ]
 Structure  office
 Steel frame frame Zamil made
 Roof  office
 Ferroconcrete + A waterproof seat
 Metal folding board + Insulation Zamil made ”Maxseam”
 Canopy  Entrance
 W : 3.4m x D : 2.2m x H : 4m
 W : 6m x D : 5m x H : 4.5m
 Possession area  office(2F)
 1,250u  Total 1,450u
 Resistant load  factory  5tons/u
 Floor Finishing  factory  Ferroconcrete + Hardener finishing 4kg/u
 Height of factory eaves    7.5u
 Ceiling crane    Installation is possible up to three tons, 5.5m
 installation  height
 Electromotive steel
   W : 4m x H : 3.5m
 Air conditioner  The second floor office
 Air conditioner (small one unit) standard equipment
 No air conditioning, natural ventilation
 Ventilator    It can open and close at manual
 Cubicle    600V-35KA 400AF/400AT It can be increased
 Lighting    Mercury lamp 250W × 12 
 External Communications  Telephone
 Optical Fiber x 18
 Security    Center watch, Watch camera, Alarm standard device
 Pantry    Inside the second floor office
 toilet  The first floor office
 The second floor office
 For the visitor : Western style (big) 1
 Man : Western style (big) 1, Woman : Western style (big) 1
 Man : Western style (big) 3, (small) 6, Woman : Western
 style (big) 5
 shower  factory  man : Two units
 Water supply and drainage  Watering
 30,000㎥/day In the whole of Fuji Precision Park
 The industry drainage is necessity to meet Vietnamese
 environmental standards.
 Outdoor Equipment    There is a limitation in the device with compressor,
 chiller, air conditioner outdoor unit, exhaust equipment, duct
 and so on.
 Operating time    There is no limitation specially
 Operation is possible for 24 hours.

※ An office is the inside the second floor. An air conditioner, ADSL are standard.
※ We can  hear a request of special specifications. But, burden money and term of construction work become necessary separately.

 Deposit  Three months
 Contract money  Three months
 Minimum contract period  Three years (special specifications is Five years)
 Rental fee  Monthly US$ 4.0 / u 
 Control fee (Guard, The use including of administration
 Monthly US$ 0.65 / u
 secom ・ alarm system  Monthly US$ 200

※ A consultation is received about the specifications and the contents of a contract.
※ When contract period is finished, you must return it to the archetype.
※ As for the electricity, the water service, our company is a a bulk contract.

Other the following service is scheduled of  Fuji Precision Park.

@ The joint use of canteen (employee restaurant) of the control building.

A Control building of the second floor, training room, conference room, drawing room. The rental of only the office is possible.

B Control of an employee bicycle-parking space. Shared parking lot.

↑  It is returned at the top.