It is the chance of advancement into Asia now. We are lending a factory to the enterprise who aims at the advancement into Vietnam. There is Fuji Precision Park completed in January, 2009 at 45 minute from Hanoi city. And near Noi Bai Airport , because it is adjacent to the Route 18, good of road traffic information is attractive. Do you take the first step of success story in the reliable environment facilities? We are thinking about help of  the operation in Vietnam and careful support. Please feel free to contact us.

Aug 01 2022   Radian Thermal Products Inc. moves in.
Jun 01,2020   We are planning to open a rental factory from September. Please contact us for details.

Oct 21,2013   A vacant factory has came out. Please contact to us about the detail.

Jun 10,2010   We made a homepage the latest.

Jan 30,2009   We began the management of the Vietnamese rental factory.