(1) Good location requirements 

(1) Good location requirements 


■ Access
Along Route 18

25km from Noi-Bai (Hanoi) international airport
40km from Hanoi city

(2) The facilities which became satisfactory



Front gate

Track yard

Factory entrance

Parking lot for bicycles

Inside factory

Rental office

The second floor office

Common use dining room

Shower room inside factory

Secom watch system


※ In all the factory building , office space (the inside the second floor),toilet ・shower ・pantry, alarm system, standard equipment
※ Hoist Crane can be installed
※ Inside the administration building can make use of conference room, drawing room, training room,canteen (employee restaurant), accommodation possible of 300 people.
※ A rental is available only the office. (2nd floor administration building)
※ It is being watched by the guard, barrier sensor, watch camera, with the system for 24 hours

(3) Spacious layout


Plan sketch of Fuji Precision Park




Plan sketch FA1〜FA4 of Fuji Precision Park


● PDF downloading is this (PDF 187KB)

■ Total area

■ Factory building(6 building)
1,250u(Factory) + 200u(office) × 4 building
1,920u(Factory) + 240u(office) × 2 building

■ administration building(1 building)
A rental is available only the office

(4) The advantage of the standard rental factory


● Initial investment can be restrained.
● It can get rid of the worry of the overseas advancement.
● Rise raising of the factory in a short time is possible.
● Test operation can be done, and the try of this full-scale advancement can be done easily.
● A troublesome procedure and a negotiation can be omitted.
● A burden can be reduced for the small scale investment.
● Can build a cooperative relationship in between different industries of small business.
● Effect on the spread more than the independent advancement can be expected.
● Various facilities,services are available.

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